Advanced Power Sweep - Street Sweeper | Lubbock, TX
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Your pavement is the first thing people see

Whether it's tourists checking out the sights and sounds of your city or potential customers visiting businesses in your shopping center, a dirty street or parking lot can give them a negative opinion of your city and businesses before they even speak to anyone.

 •  Parking lots

 •  Interstates

 •  Highways

 •  Construction sites

 •  City streets

 •  Store front walkways

 •  Property maintenance services are also available

We sweep and clear:

From parking lots at churches, schools, shopping centers, and large commercial properties to municipal streets and airport runways, we sweep it all.


If you're located in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, or Louisiana, we've been providing you with top-notch street sweeping services since 1998.

Our fleet is ready to clean your lot

24/7 service


Our fleet of 10 sweepers includes a TYMCO 600, TYMCO 435, and a TYMCO 210. Contact us to schedule your sweeping!